1. NAME

The Association shall be known as “The J/Meesalai Veerasingam Central College Old Student Association” (United Kingdom), hereinafter referred to as “The Association” and would be known as JMVCC OSA (UK)



2.1 To promote goodwill, culture, unity and co-operation among the members of the association and the college.

2.2 To participate and assist in the projects designed for the benefits of the college, the village where the college is situated and the schools in the suburb areas.

2.3 To maintain links and co-ordinate activities with other OSA’s and OBS’ in the UK that has similar aims and objectives and it seems fit.

2.4 To organise social gatherings, sports activities, cultural activities, help to overcome language barriers, concerts, seminars, film shows and tours to achieve the aims and objectives of the association

2.5 To maintain an up-to-date directory of all known past pupils, staffs, and parents of past pupils living in the UK

2.6 To collect funds for the association which shall be derived from the annual subscriptions, donations and fundraisings and such other sources as the management committee determines, and in a manner not consistent with the objectives of the Association

2.7 To undertake and carry out any other activities as may be necessary to further best interest and welfare of the Alma mater

2.8 To undertake, carry out and support charity activities, humanitarian projects and voluntary work as may be necessary to further the interest and general welfare


(i) Tamils schools in Homeland


(ii) Tamil speaking people in Tamil language speaking areas; provided the participation in this activity is initiated by the Management committee and approved by two thirds majority of the Members of the Management Committee and Patrons


2.9 To hail and highlight the achievements of any past and present pupil or staff of the college, in life or in death, and on gaining positions of high standing and respects


3.1 Membership of the Association shall be open to:

(i) All past pupils of JMVCC residing in the UK

(ii) All past members of the staff of JMVCC residing in the UK

(iii) All parents of the past pupils of JMVCC residing in the UK


3.2 A person applying for membership shall undertake to subscribe towards the objectives of the association and agreed to be bound by its rules as set out in this constitution

3.3 Application shall be made in writing and shall be in such form as the Management Committee may from time to time prescribe

3.4 The Secretary shall officially inform applicants of the outcome of the application for membership together with their membership number where appropriate

3.5 The Secretary shall keep an up-to-date register of all members

3.6 The membership shall be of two classes

  1. Ordinary 2.Life

3.6.1 ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP: All past pupils of the college may be enrolled, as ordinary members of the Association upon payments of an annual subscription by monthly instalments or in full annually and on acceptance of the management committee.

3.6.2 MEMBERSHIP FOR LIFE: Any person entitled to an ordinary membership upon payment of a lump sum equivalent to ten times the annual subscription shall hold membership for life and be exempt from payment of the annual subscription thereafter.

3.6.3 Each member is entitled to one vote only

3.6.4 A member of the management committee in breach of the constitution may have the membership suspended for a specific period subject to approval by the members at the annual general meeting (AGM)




4.1 Every ordinary member shall pay an annual subscription and or a lump sum, which shall be determined from time to time by the management committee and approved by the members at the annual general meeting. The subscription shall be paid on or before 30th June each year.

4.2 Only members who pay the subscription would become eligible to vote at any meetings of the association and those not in arrears are eligible for election